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P-1057 - Pro-forma for submitting details of Road Maintanance works done after August-2018

MC19-001, MC19-002 & MC19-003 - Monsoon Calamities - Pro-forma for submitting details of damaged Roads, Bridges, Houses, and other LSGI assets

P-1056 - Pro-forma for submitting Details of projects done utilizing Plan & Maintanance fund in FY2016-17, 2017-18 & 2018-19

P-1055 - Pro-forma for submitting TENDER SAVINGS 2019-20

P-999- Length of Road - Basic Road Statistics of India


P-1053-Reconstruction of assets - Damages caused in Floor - Submitting details of DPR - Circular No-DB4/411/19/CE/LSGD, Dated - 23-05-2019

P-1050-Road works done in flood affected areas -reg

UrgentP-1044-Status of 149 Anganawadis -reg

Most UrgentP-1043 Proforma for Submitting Salary Expenditure details -reg

UrgentProforma for MEDISEP - NEW

Urgent P-1040 Proforma for Submitting NABARD - RIDF Anganwadi Status Report -reg

Online pro-forma for submitting request for General transfer -Reg

Urgent P-1039 Proforma for Submitting Tender Savings of LAC - ADS works -reg

Urgent P-1038 Proforma for Submitting Tender Savings Details 2018 -19

Proforma P-1037 - List of Roads, Culverts, Bridges and Buildings damaged during Flood - 2018

Proforma P-1035 - Public Education Department - Status of Construction of school Building

Proforma P-1034 - Model Anganwadi Progress Report

Pro-forma P-1033 - Details of New Plan Projects of 2018-19

Circular No. A3/10718/2018/CE/LSGD Dated 13.09.2018 - LSGD - Monsoon Calamity - submitting Damages caused to commercial building (Non-assets of LSGD) - reg

Circular No. A3/10718/2018/CE/LSGD Dated 11.09.2018 - LSGD - 2018 - Calamity - Rehabilitation of LSGD assets

Proforma for MEDISEP

Circular No DB7/6236/2018/CE/LSGD Dated 03.08.2018 - Check List for LAC- ADS - Bill -Requisition -Reg

Circular No A3/10718/18-19/CE/LSGD Dated 31.08.2018 - LSGD - EW - Monsoon Calamities - Submitting damaged community assets - reg.

Monsoon Camlamities - Proforma for reporting Damages to Roads, Bridges & Houses - MC 001 & MC 002

P-1032 - Vehicle purchase

P-1031- Details of Officers on leave

P1029 - Market Rate of Materials

P1028 - TVPM, KLM,PKD, KOZ, WAY - Delay in Completion of Works due to Scarcity of raw Materials

P1024 -LSGD(EW) - Estt - Inauguration of Projects

P1023 -LSGD(EW) - Estt - Usage of Plastic - 2017-18

P1022 -LSGD(EW) - Estt - Details of Road Works Using Plastic for 2018-19

P1021 -LSGD(EW) - Estt - Submitting Details of Projects done During the Period of this Govt. till Date

P1020 -LSGD(EW) - Contacts and Official E-mail Ids of LSGD Engineering Wing Offices

P1018 -LSGD(EW) - Estt - Submitting Details of AMRUTH Projects

P1017 -LSGD(EW) - Estt - Submitting Incumbancy

ID Card - Proforma submit with prescribed Fee

The details in Grama Panchayats are to be entered from the respective Block Panchayats

P1015 - (C) - Corporations - Fitness certificates issued to School Buildings & Anganawadies

P1015 - (M) - Municipalities - Fitness certificates issued to School Buildings & Anganawadies

P1015 - (D) - District Panchayats- Fitness certificates issued to School Buildings & Anganawadies

P1015 - (B&G) - Block & Grama Panchayats - Fitness certificates issued to School Buildings & Anganawadies

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